Smythe Volvo: Free to Focus on What Matters

The team at family-owned, family-operated Smythe Volvo takes their culture seriously. Employees, sales people and car buyers are treated with respect, fairness, and trust. It makes sense to start there and let people come in the door with their guard down, ready to do business. They’ve practiced this level of customer service since 1966, greeting return customers by their first name, and providing a relaxed atmosphere to everyone.

Beyond the Buyer
Smythe extends the same level of trust and decency beyond the buyer to their vendors. In the automotive business, this isn’t naïveté. It’s not even simply generous. It’s just how Smythe Volvo practices business. Which is why they were generally surprised to find the attitude of their original DMS provider was anything but reciprocal. When taking calls about service, managing upgrades, or navigating ongoing training, Smythe Volvo’s employees began to feel like a burden so the team at Smythe began to shop around.

“We treat both our guests that come in every day to purchase and buy from us, as well as the people who work for us, as family. And that’s what’s most important and the most wonderful thing about our business.” – Kevin Flanagan, President and CEO

Time is Valuable
When you focus on the wrong things, you waste precious time that could be spent helping the customer. So, for the team at Smythe Volvo, it was finally time to choose a new DMS provider. Although making the move was “scary,” according to Smythe Volvo Vice President Sean Flanagan, it was worth it to find a true technology partner. Once the family at Smythe Volvo had found a partner whose values and goals aligned with their own, they could get back to focusing on what they do best: offering exceptional customer service.

From New-hire to Expert in No Time
One of the biggest benefits for the family at Smythe Volvo was the easy adoption of the DMS technology by the entire staff, most notably with new-hires. When Smythe Volvo’s Office Manager on-boarded a new team member– previously unfamiliar with Dealertrack DMS–she was posting deals on her second day.

It actually costs very little to be a better partner to your customers. When we encounter businesses like Smythe Volvo it inspires us as well. Treating each other like family, offering a kind word, taking a moment to remember a client’s name, making sure your new DMS technology is explained thoroughly, or building a community for continued learning opportunities are some of the ways we aim to remain trusted partners with the team at Smythe Volvo. You can read more about their experience making the switch to a new DMS here.

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