Cole Automotive Group

We work together with Dealertrack in a way that we never did with our previous provider. There’s much more interaction and partnership, and we know they are truly invested in helping us use the system to extract the most value. It’s made our entire group more successful.
- Jim Lass
CFO, Cole Automotive Group

Why they chose Dealertrack DMS

Cole Automotive Group knows that you can’t improve performance if you can’t measure it. That’s why they switched to Dealertrack DMS. For Cole Auto Group, Dealertrack DMS has delivered best-in work flows, increased productivity and performance, and has provided one-on-one support when needed. Finally, Dealertrack’s unique Opentrack features have also allowed Cole Auto Group to work with approximately 130 third-party providers, all without paying exorbitant fees.

Data Accessibility

Cole uses real-time data and drill-down functionality to measure, report, and improve performance.

Dedicated Support

Dealertrack has shown a commitment to true partnership through personalized support and success programs.


Opentrack allows Cole to work with the third-party providers that deliver the most value to their business.

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