Dealertrack DMS Customer Stories.

Dealerships who make the switch to Dealertrack DMS become valued partners in our family. The automotive industry, though fast-paced, challenging, and constantly shifting, offers some of the most rewarding relationships and innovative pathways to success. See some of our valued partners’ journeys here.


Crestmont Cadillac and Hyundai

Dealertrack’s implementation team spent five weeks on-site ensuring that no data would be lost and that every employee was comfortable.

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Heritage Ford

Heritage team members find Dealertrack to be the easiest DMS to use, which means they can focus on customer care.

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Goode Motor

Goode Motor Auto Group

The Dealertrack installation process helped Goode Motor Auto Group experience a smooth transition to the new DMS.

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Webb Automotive

Webb Automotive understands the benefit of proactive change when it comes to building a successful business.

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Beyer Auto Group

Dealertrack DMS allows Beyer Auto Group to access the data from their nine franchises from one location.

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Team Nissan

Team Nissan

With the innovative technology of Dealertrack DMS, Team Nissan is able to drive their business forward.

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Straub Automotive

Because of a seamless installation, Straub Automotive had one location operational in minimal time.

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Island Auto Group

Dealertrack DMS’s point and click solution helps Island Automotive Group's staff get the job done quickly.

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Fernandez Honda

Dealertrack’s sophisticated DMS technology gives Fernandez Honda the ability to spend more time on customer experience.

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Fowler Auto

With Dealertrack DMS, Fowler Auto Group invests in technology to take care of their employees and improve the customer experience for clients.

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Klein Honda

Looking for a DMS provider that offered solutions to business challenges, Klein Honda found what they needed in Dealertrack DMS.

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Allen Samuels

25 years and 23 locations later, Allen Samuels continues to choose Dealertrack DMS for their growing dealer group.

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Alderson Auto Group

Alderson Auto Group recently changed their DMS. With Dealertrack, they received increased usability and managed costs.

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Bob Smith

Bob Smith Toyota

Looking for a technology solution that was in touch with their dealership needs, Bob Smith Toyota partnered with Dealertrack DMS.

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San Tan Ford

San Tan Ford

San Tan Ford has all the tools they need from Dealertrack DMS in order to do their job every day from any location.

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Dealertrack DMS is helping Sisbarro run their business smarter through easy-to-use technology and excellent customer support.

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Dwayne Lane Auto Family

Dwayne Lane Auto Family relies on Dealertrack’s leading DMS technology, including remote access and a commitment to partnership, to drive their growing multi-store business forward.

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Big Two

Big Two Automotive Group

Big Two needed a fast-moving DMS that could keep up with their dealership while staying in touch with their needs. Dealertrack delivered improved technologies and unparalleled partnership.

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Cole Auto Group

With Dealertrack DMS, Cole Auto Group found a forward-thinking business partner dedicated to finding ways to create efficiencies throughout their operations.

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Gerald Nissan

Dealertrack DMS provides Gerald Nissan with real-time and easy-to-access data that helps them make smart decisions to move their business forward.

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Motorcars Cleveland

Motorcars Cleveland wanted a partner who was always thinking about the future direction of the dealership – and they found one with Dealertrack DMS.

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Temecula Valley Automotive

Temecula Valley Automotive chose Dealertrack DMS to maximize their profitability with the help of the Performance Management Tool.

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Van Horn

Van Horn Auto Group

Switching DMS providers can be a frustrating experience, but Dealertrack DMS makes it easier, with a carefully-managed transition and implementation plan.

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Acura of Glendale

Acura of Glendale uses a technology driven DMS that empowers their staff by providing data access and security through Dealertrack.

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Drivers Village

Driver's Village

For the past 20 years, Driver’s Village has relied on Dealertrack DMS to facilitate their growth, adapting to the changing workforce and building a more intuitive tech platform.

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Smythe Volvo

This family-owned and operated dealership treats their customers and staff like family. So do we.

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Todd Wenzel Automotive

Dealertrack DMS with Opentrack helps give Todd Wenzel Automotive the kind of UX and integration points needed to handle daily requirements – and future plans.

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Dealertrack DMS

Find a DMS That Checks All the Right Boxes

When it comes to finding the right Dealer Management System (DMS) for your franchise dealership, you've probably got questions. This checklist includes questions you should consider when choosing the right technology to run your dealership.

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Dealertrack DMS

Choosing a New DMS is a BIG Decision

These dealers chose Dealertrack DMS when they needed a partner who provided the right-sized solution that met their needs. What are you looking for in your DMS partner?

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Dealertrack DMS

Add Teamwork to Your DMS Technology

Learn how supporting technology with a great team of people helps dealers avoid serious pitfalls.

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