Island Automotive Group

Dealertrack DMS is a better system. It’s more cost effective, it’s easier to use, and our employees like it. To me that’s what a DMS is all about.
- Marcello Sciarrano
Partner, Island Automotive Group

Why they chose Dealertrack DMS

As a dealership that takes pride in caring for and investing in its employees, Island Automotive Group appreciates Dealertrack DMS for its ease of use and the fact that the system integrates seamlessly with almost every other product the dealership uses. When Island Automotive Group buys a new dealership, it expects that dealership to be profitable and Dealertrack DMS has allowed that to happen. When the company purchases a new store, Dealertrack DMS comes in with a team of people to work with staff members, train them, and make them feel comfortable with the system before leaving.

Ease of Use

The Streamlined platform is easy to learn for new employees, espeically when compared with traditional DMS platforms.

Investment in Employees

The convenience of accessing Dealertrack's server aywhere to generate reports has made employees happier.

Cost Effective

Dealertrack DMS integrates with their other products at a low cost.

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