Temecula Valley Automotive

Performance Management within Dealertrack is one of the most beneficial portions of the business model of Dealertrack, amongst just the software. To actually have somebody that can utilize the tool and help us utilize the tool to be most efficient is industry standard.
- Ryan McCulloch
General Manager, Temecula Valley Automotive

Why they chose Dealertrack DMS

Dealertrack DMS is key to success at Temecula Valley Automotive because of its innovative technology and Performance Management tools. Temecula chose Dealertrack DMS because the Performance Management tools allow for the dealers to maximize profits with the help of a Dealertrack Performance Manager. Dealers and the Dealertrack manager monitor the dealership's operations to find opportunities for improved efficiency and profitability.

Performance Management

A DMS expert helping dealers better utilize their DMS for profit.


Dealerships have immediate access to client serives, quickly finding areas where they can be more efficient.

Innovative Technology

The DMS is at the forefront of the dealership software industry.

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