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New Ohio Registration Transaction on Dealertrack

Now you can register and title vehicles online with the BMV through Dealertrack.

  • Create a registration transaction within the application
  • Avoid re-keying, as much of the finance information pre-populates from the title transaction
  • Submit registration to the participating Deputy Registrar office of your choice

Go electronic for more efficiency and cost savings.

Submit registration to the participating Deputy Registrar office of your choice.

Here’s why you should electronically register vehicles with the BMV:

Complete deals faster with a simple-to-use interface and workflow.

1 Based on Dealertrack User Timing report through Google Analytics 9/30/21 to 9/30/22.

Submit transactions in under

4 min1

Save time and reduce errors with DMS import process that means much less re-keying.

2 Based on Dealertrack DMSs configuration.

Reduce rekeying by


Eliminate operational costs that quickly add up to real savings.

Stop Spending On:

  • Runs to the DMV
  • Postage
  • Forms, Printing & Paper
  • Holding Costs

See what moving from a manual to an electronic process can do for you. Watch these short videos.

Ohio Registration and Titling

See how the registration transaction works.

Electronic Vehicle Registration

See how much easier electronic vehicle registration can be.


The new Registration Transaction will allow you to create and submit Registration transactions to the BMV for your customers from the Logbook inside the Dealertrack Ohio Registration and Title application.
Yes, you will still have to pick up the plates from the Deputy Registrar. However, you will no longer have to drop off paperwork and wait on them in person because everything will be issued in advance and ready for pickup when you arrive.
You do not need to write any checks. Registration fees will be sent directly to the Deputy Registrar via ACH from your account.
The BMV Fee Estimator can give an estimate of the amount that would be due. Fees are displayed as soon as the transaction receives final approval.
You can print a receipt for the Registration transaction once the transaction has been approved.
There are three registration transaction types: New, Transfer, and Transfer & Renew. To transfer plates to a newly-purchased vehicle, the owner’s previous registration information must match the new ownership information.
In addition to the required documents (see below), you will need to know the license plate number you want to transfer.
You will need Memorandum Title/Ohio Title, BMV 5736 (POA for Registration) and any additional required documents specific to the transaction. You can print additional documents within a transaction or blank documents from the Form Library under Utilities.
If a memo was issued, the scanned image from the transaction will be uploaded/attached. If there is no lien/memo title, you will need to scan in the Ohio title. You will also need to scan in the Power of Attorney for Ohio Vehicle Registration (BMV 5736).
There will be minimal information you will need to enter. You will need to choose your transaction type (New, Transfer, Transfer & Renew) from the dropdown menu. The owner information will automatically populate from the title transaction. Note: Fields may vary if Business is selected as owner type.

For Individuals:

  • Choose Identification Type (social security number will pull over from transaction).
  • Enter/add selection in appropriate field based on previous selection.
  • Enter customer’s date of birth.
  • Review vehicle information for accuracy, enter color and select plate type (Standard, Commercial, Non-Commercial). If you select Transfer Plate, you will need to enter the license plate number.
  • If the county requires an E-Check emissions check, enter the certificate number and expiration date from the testing station documentation.
  • There are also options to renew when transferring and to apply for a replacement plate.
If you have questions regarding a transaction that was rejected, you will need to reach out to the Deputy Registrar processing your registration transactions.

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