Dealertrack's eMenu for iPad® features a new user interface that delivers an improved and interactive F&I selling experience.

Learn how mobile selling can enhance the in-store menu selling experience.

Click the images below to view the menu selling journey.

Create a welcome message for your customers

Immediately connect to your customers with a custom message that tells your dealership's story and prepares customers for the conversation.

Develop real insights through survey

Ask a few questions before the presentation to learn a little about your customer's driving habits.

Give customers an interactive F&I product experience

Use photos & videos to describe the value of your products.

View insights in one report

Real-time analytics such as videos viewed and average time spent helps to create personalized packages for your customers.

Present products relevant to your customers

Make package configurations easily, adjust payment details on the fly, add/remove products - all while creating a presentation based on customers' driving habits.

Change the view during the presentation

With one touch, quickly change the display of your presentation.

Summarize the deal before you finalize

Display accepted and declined products on one screen with a monthly payment that automatically updates as selections change. It's a perfect upsell opportunity on declined products, and keeps you compliant with disclosure requirements.

Capture a signature and secure the deal

Stay compliant with disclosure requirements by capturing customer signatures and storing them at for 30 days - or up to 10 years using Dealertrack Compliance*.
*Requires subscription to Dealertrack Compliance. Contact us below.

Are you leveraging your customer wait time?

eMenu for iPad enables you to drive engagement during and before the conversation. Research shows that 63% of car buyers are more likely to purchase if they can learn about F&I products on their own time.* eMenu for iPad will help create awareness on all of your F&I products.

Are you leaving money on the table?

Dealers who adopted eMenu for iPad® earn more because they transform F&I selling into a personal and engaging experience.

*Average increase when using eMenu for iPad with eMenu vs. only eMenu, based on results from Dealertrack-subscribing dealers January 2017 - July 2017

Don�t lose out on profit opportunities

By turning F&I selling into a personalized and engaging experience, you can deliver greater profitability and improve customer satisfaction�from showroom interaction to the F&I office.