3 Reasons Lenders Shouldn’t Wait to Start eContracting

Still wondering if you should be using eContracting for your auto loan originations? Let’s examine some of the reasons lending institutions should already be using eContracting or digital contracting.

1. eContracting is the new standard

It’s no longer a matter of if you should be using eContracting: the industry has already hit the tipping point and it’s now a matter of when you’ll start trying to catch up with the early adopters. Lenders who use eContracting are already funding 2-3 days faster on every transaction and building dealer loyalty in the process. Which leads us to point #2…

2. Your dealers want eContracting

Dealers are adopting eContracting in record numbers and demanding that their lenders participate. In their efforts to counter margin pressure, dealerships are shifting their workflows to gain productivity and efficiency. They also value fast funding — and Cox Automotive dealer/lender research shows that it’s one of the top three reasons dealers choose a lender partner. Finally, there is customer demand for a faster and more efficient purchase process, which can be facilitated by eContracting and electronic signing.

As every lender knows, partnerships with dealers are measured by service, so helping your dealers improve their workflow and funding them as quickly as possible is exactly the kind of service that can help improve your relationships.

3. The paperless deal offers operational efficiencies

The industry is headed toward the paperless deal to improve efficiency and reduce overhead costs for dealers and lenders alike. eContracting can reduce days in transit from the dealer to the lender from an average of five days to just one, and its built-in accuracy features can help reduce returned contracts and re-contracting by 80%.

The paperless deal saves dealers from having to reprint forms that change, eliminates shipping costs, and allows for digital document storage that frees up office space while helping to keep forms available in case of audit.

Taking another evolutionary step further, going paperless leads to enabling lights-out funding. With eContracting doing the validations and eContracting producing electronic documents, the next opportunity is to use technology to auto-fund contracts the way loans are auto-decisioned today.

Want to learn all the reasons why now is the time to start eContracting with dealers? Join us at AFSA on Thursday, February 13th where Andy Mayers takes the stage to discuss Digital Contracting during the Technology Advancements program—or stop by booth #104.

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