4 Can’t-Miss Virtual Sessions at this Year’s DMS Edge

DMS Lifetime Learning

This year’s DMS Edge is almost here. This one-of-a-kind virtual event is designed to help Dealertrack’s current dealership partners get the most out of their DMS and improve their businesses. The four-day online event takes place September 18-21 with 18 different virtual training sessions and countless insights on how to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace. And whether you decide to attend the entire conference or just one or two days, there are several presentations you won’t want to miss. Here are 4 can’t-miss virtual sessions at this year’s DMS Edge:

  1. State of the Business with John Grace, VP of Operations 

Discover the latest updates and learn about our new initiatives, including the top five things we’re actively focused on based on your input. Plus, hear from VP of Operations John Grace for a State of the Business briefing and company updates. We are 100% focused on being a great partner and that starts with listening to our clients and implementing new programs that help dealer operations. Join us Tuesday, September 18 at 10 a.m. MST for this can’t-miss session!

  1. Let’s Talk Taxes with Greg White

Tax talk might not sound terribly exciting on the surface, but there might not be a more practical presentation at the conference. Join CPA and automotive tax expert Greg White as he discusses several recent (and upcoming) tax changes you should be aware of. He’ll also discuss several tax opportunities applicable to your business and how you can take advantage of them. Greg is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has more than 15 years of experience tackling automotive tax issues. Greg’s presentation takes place Wednesday, September 19 starting at 11 a.m. MST.

  1. How to Be a Rock Star Controller with Karli DeVall

The best controllers aren’t just submitting their financial statements on time. Rather, they’re positively impacting the financial statement (and the performance of their dealerships) by providing actionable data to their teams and calling attention to KPIs. Join Karli DeVall to learn how the top teams are leveraging their DMS to become rock star controllers. Karli’s presentation takes place Thursday, September 20 at 10 a.m. MST.

  1. Inventory Control: Understanding Phase In and Phase Out

Your parts inventory is one of your dealership’s most valuable assets. If you don’t have a solid understanding of Phase In / Phase Out, you might not be controlling it as well as you think. Join us on Friday, September 21 at 10 a.m. MST to learn how to control your inventory more effectively.


Bonus Tips to Get the Most Out of DMS Edge

DMS Edge takes place entirely online from the convenience of your desk or office. If you’ve never attended a virtual conference before, we’ve got a few helpful tips for your team to get the most out of every moment.

  • Make attendance a priority.
  • Mark every session on your calendar.
  • Check your spam folder for lost invitations.
  • Schedule time off or “non-floor time” to attend.
  • Book a conference room for viewing.
  • Don’t work and watch at the same time.
  • Order lunch. Remember, you’re saving money on travel, hotels, etc., so splurge and buy your team something to eat.
  • Schedule time post-event to discuss what you learned and how it applies to your business.

Again, DMS Edge is a 100% virtual conference, 100% for the current partners of Dealertrack DMS. It’s designed to help DMS users (like you) get the most out of your technology investment and improve your business. Plan to be there, wherever “there” is for you.

To learn more about the conference, click here.

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