Drive to Success: The Fixable F&I Process

From focusing on speed and efficiency, to empathy, and even trying music (really), F&I managers are willing to do what it takes to improve the most dreaded piece of the car buying process. That’s because F&I managers are responsible for large sums of money that dealership’s depend on. No pressure.

1 – 3 Common F&I Problems & How to Solve Them

CBT Automotive Network: The most successful dealerships view problems as challenges. Take a look at these three common F&I “challenges” and determine how your dealership could benefit from taking action toward solving them.

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2 – The 3 Essential Traits of High-Profit F&I Managers

Digital Dealer: F&I managers have the power to influence the bottom-line by millions of dollars. That’s no small job! Take a look at the following traits to transform your leaders from average to high-impact and high-profit F&I managers.

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3 – 4 Ways to Ace the Customer F&I Interview

CBT Automotive Network: The interview process for your F&I manager is critical. Yet, according to research, it’s also the least favorite part of the car buying process. How can your team ace this important step?

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4 – Fixing the F&I Time Delay

Auto Dealer Monthly: The F&I process takes time. This is a known fact, yet, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating once a buyer decides to purchase a vehicle. Plus, the more successful your dealership becomes, the more your customers might have to wait.Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the process. Start here.

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5 – Give ’Em Gershwin

F&I Magazine: Hear us out (see what we did there?). Music may be the key to improving your F&I process. At the very least, it actively improves mood. An award-winning director shares his story.

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Check back next week for more Drive to Success.

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