How A Better Reg & Title Workflow Helps Your Dealership’s Bottom Line

For every vehicle your dealership sells or leases and each one you take in on trade, there’s registration and title work to be done. These essential back-office tasks are sometimes underappreciated as an opportunity for improving the dealership’s daily workflow efficiency and providing faster, more satisfactory service to customers.

Manual reg and title processes are very time-consuming, involving numerous phone calls, faxes and runners going in person to motor vehicle offices. It all takes time – much of it spent waiting.

Registration and title technology solutions have helped reduce costs, increase speed and efficiency, improve compliance – and cut down on that waiting time. Better yet, 3 out of 4 dealers report that technology innovation improvements have been followed by increased profitability.

We know that GMs are always looking to increase margin, which means they are looking to their controllers to reduce costs to help achieve that goal. That’s where it helps to provide the dealership’s title clerks and back office operations with more intuitive solutions to make the reg and title process faster, while still ensuring compliance.

Here’s the range of total titling processes your dealership needs for optimum efficiency:

  • Trade-In Titling – Technology solutions help streamline and shorten the time for vehicle payoff and title or lien release, which in turn helps your dealership avoid payoff surprises, save on holding costs, and turn inventory more quickly.
  • In-State Registration and Title – In states with electronic registration and title, you can now process motor vehicle transactions online from your office, in real time. Faster transactions and same-day registration and titling help increase your back-office productivity.
  • Out-of-State Registration and Title – With more and more customers finding your dealership online and purchasing cross-border, technology support is invaluable for smooth registration and titling for customers from across the country.

Technology providers continue to innovate and improve registration and title workflows with input from dealerships. Make sure to review your solutions from time to time to make sure they cover your registration and titling needs and provide the speed, efficiency, transparency and compliance you require.

Explore the range of registration and titling solutions that Dealertrack provides.

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