The Challenge:
F&I Frustration

Long wait times cause customer frustration and ultimately impact profits. The longer it takes to work a deal, the less time you have to take on new customers.

What’s hurting your business:

Inefficient F&I processes

F&I takes an average of three hours — half of a customer’s in-store time — causing anxiety, boredom and frustration.1

Redundant data entry

You can eliminate up to 6 separate instances of asking a customer to repeat their information.2

Lost opportunities

The more efficient your workflow the faster you can move the customer out of your showroom reducing lost opportunities and profits.

Desking on Dealertrack uniFI®

Eliminate the need to re-enter customer data and structure deals up to 35 percent faster.3

Show me how

Flexible Sales Tool

Digitally negotiate deal terms to provide a great customer experience on any device anywhere in the showroom

Single-screen simplicity

All options are presented on one screen for easy comparisons.

Win-win scenarios

With such a wide variety of deal options available, you can desk deals that make you and your customers happy.

Dealertrack DMS

Make F&I more efficient with simple, connected processes.

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Speed up the process

Dealertrack DMS takes the desking process digital, eliminating paper-based processes and double data entry.

Other Challenges?



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