Shrinking Profit Margins for Dealerships


Margin compression is a reality of doing business, but more efficient tools and processes can help you reclaim profits.



High overhead costs

With an average of 6.8 third-party software integrations,1 dealers pay an estimated $42,000 in overhead costs every year.2

Employee turnover

Nearly one out of two employees leaves every year, costing your dealership an average of $45,000 each.3

Missed revenue opportunities

Dealers need to see all deal and profit margin scenarios when structuring deals.

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Dealertrack DMS

Drive profitability with new and better ways to work.

Create more efficient workflows

Dealertrack DMS integrates with almost every third-party solution so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Uncover inefficiencies

Dealertrack Performance Managers help you glean insights from DMS data, so you can focus your efforts on the most important fixes.

Reduce costs

Unlike some DMS platforms, Dealertrack DMS doesn’t charge you to access your own data, and it offers reduced data integration fees.

Desking on Dealertrack F&I

Desk deals faster and more profitably.


Make more money on every deal

Deal structuring is up to 35% faster on the Dealertrack F&I platform.4

Generate options faster

Dealertrack F&I displays all scenarios in a single view so you can quickly and easily compare options to present to customers in seconds.

Dealertrack Accelerated Title

The only solution in the industry to speed payoff and title release process in as fast as 4-6 days.

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Move inventory faster

Faster title receipt helps you move your inventory faster — and vehicles are nearly two times more likely to sell on first pass at auction when they are accompanied by their title.5

Reduce holding costs

Moving inventory quicker reduces holding costs and protects your profitability.

Increase back-office efficiency

Streamlined processes will help your employees do more in less time, making every workday more profitable.

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Dealertrack Registration & Title

Cut everything that’s been cutting into your bottom line.

Speed up the process

Intuitive software helps to handle important tasks, helping your back-office maximizing productivity.

Widen your market

Comprehensive workflow management tools help you with DMV and state rules and regulations for both in-state and out-of-state deals.

Other Challenges?

  • My customers are waiting too long.
  • I'm paying too many fees.
  • Title releases take too long.
  • I'm drowning in data entry.
  • Our technology is outdated.
  • I'm basing decisions on bad data.


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