Dealertrack uniFI Video
Quick Start Workflow Videos

Take a look at how the new will provide you with powerful new tools to help you stay on top of your deals. These short videos will take you through the new intuitive design and product features, preparing you for Dealertrack uniFI™ workflow. Buckle up. Your quick start begins today!

Creating an App from Scratch

Dealertrack uniFI™ collects data with the customer in mind. Process enhancements help you input quickly and move customers through the car buying process efficiently.

Pulling Bureaus & Building Credit Apps

Pulling bureaus and building credit apps in Dealertrack uniFI™ is even simpler than it is today. Register your credit bureau code information >

Reviewing Application & Contract Status

We know that visibility to app status and contract status are essential. See how to navigate quickly to get what you are looking for in this short tour.

Your Gateway to Every Deal

Dealertrack uniFI™ is all about the deal. View customer deal jackets and see how visibility and a single point of access will drive your efficiency and productivity.

Deal Jacket Tour

Inside each electronic deal jacket, you’ll find everything you need to know about each customer, all in one spot. Learn how to navigate the deal jacket with ease.

Work the Deal Jacket

Get right into how to work each deal jacket. View tips around reviewing the history of a deal, editing the deal jacket, as well as creating a credit app from a pre-existing deal.

Payoff Quotes

It’s simpler than ever to move customers quickly through the process when working a trade-in on a new application. View a short tour of creating and saving of payoff quotes.

DMS Integration Add-on Subscription

Dealertrack uniFI™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with your DMS. This quick tour will show you just how to get your data connected to optimize your workflow experience.

Stay Compliant Add-on Subscription

Compliance on Dealertrack uniFI™ takes those important steps for federal compliance – like ID alerts and risk-based pricing notices – and puts them into the same electronic deal jacket.