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High-security facilities protect the physical and
digital safety of your titles and ownership documents.


& Intake

Documents arrive at our secure facility throughout the day and are sorted and routed for handling based on each client’s specifications.

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Collateral Management Services Receipt & Intake

Scanning &

Titles begin their journey with high-speed sorting, scanning and indexing, followed by image and data validation. Once these steps are complete, they are ready for secure vault storage.

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Collateral Management Services Scanning & Validation

The Secure

Our high-security vault safeguards all our clients’ title and lien paperwork. Each client has an assigned area in the vault, and a highly defined coding system makes for easy document retrieval.

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Collateral Management Services Secure Vault

& Release

Maintenance and release transactions are an everyday occurrence. We follow strict protocols to ensure compliance and honor our client service agreements.

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Collateral Management Services Management & Release