3 Reasons to Prepare for Out-of-State Reg & Title Processing

Unless your dealership is on a state line, you can probably remember a time when out-of-state deals were few and far between. The internet has changed all that. Now, your next customer might be walking in the door after a cross-country road trip or a one-way flight.

Anything that makes sales increase is great, but is your back office prepared to handle registration and title needs for these customers?

Let’s have a look at some stats every dealership needs to take to heart:

1. 71% of car shoppers search for deals online before they visit a dealership

Today’s customers are less concerned with where your dealership is located and more interested in whether you can provide the vehicle they want. The key is to be prepared for expanding your customer base – and that includes providing the same registration and titling services that local buyers enjoy.

2. Out-of-state sales have increased by 28% over the past three years

Car shoppers aren’t just browsing online – they’re visiting other states and buying there. As more tech-savvy generations become the primary base of car buyers, it’s safe to say that this trend will continue to build.

3. Customers spend an average of 3+ hours at the dealership before delivery

Three or more hours at the dealership is already a long stretch and making it longer for out-of-state buyers risks your dealership’s CSI score. It can also lead to negative online reviews that may deter future out-of-state sales.

Are you ready?

The out-of-state buyer has chosen your dealership because you have a vehicle that meets their specifications closely enough that they were willing to put in extra effort to buy it from you. Now it’s your turn to make sure you go the extra mile for them.

It’s unlikely that your back office staff is familiar with the registration and title documentation and fee structure for all 50 states, but that’s where Dealertrack RegUSA comes in. This online tool will help you find out what information is necessary to meet state requirements, accurately estimate vehicle taxes and fees, and let you review state forms with the customer while they’re still in the showroom.

To learn more about how Dealertrack RegUSA can help you increase registration and title processing efficiency for out-of-state deals, read our ebook – or request a demo.

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