Complete Your Toolkit with End-to-End Titling Solutions

total titling solutions

Does your dealership have all the technology solutions necessary to handle your most pressing registration and titling needs? Are you still using manual methods to handle part of your registration and titling workflow for vehicles taken in on trade, those delivered to in-state customers, and/or your cross-border deals?

The industry runs on speed and efficiency. Using a comprehensive suite of registration and titling solutions can help you streamline your workflow, improve customer service, and maximize profitability.

Here’s what you gain from adding end-to-end registration and title technology solutions to your toolkit:

Faster Trade-In Title Processing
The sooner you accomplish payoff and title release for a vehicle taken in on trade, the sooner you can re-sell or auction it. With Dealertrack Accelerated Title®, you can speed title release on trade-ins from the industry average time of 12-18+ days down to as little as 4-6 days. That helps speed inventory turn and reduce the holding costs that come from having the vehicle sit on the lot. With title in hand, it’s nearly twice as likely that the vehicle will sell on first pass at auction.

Cross-Border Confidence
There’s no need for uncertainty when it comes to handling reg and title for out-of-state customers who find your dealership online. RegUSA® helps simplify your out-of-state workflow and provides certified, compliant registration and titling processing for any state. Its enhanced functionality guides you smoothly through each out-of-state deal with checklists, deal comparisons tools, customized forms and real-time fee calculations to help you provide a convenient, full-service experience for every customer.

Back-Office Workflow Efficiency
For in-state title processing, you’ll gain powerful, user-inspired transaction and workflow management tools for a faster, more accurate process that helps to maximize profit opportunity. We back you up with industry-leading support so you don’t have to navigate challenging transactions alone.

Learn more about how Dealertrack Total Titling Solutions can give your dealership all the tools it needs for registration and title scenarios. Register for a demo today.

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