Drive to Success: Thinking Beyond the Showroom

Our partners in the industry are finding new ways to ensure their future success by meeting the needs of their customers faster, safer, and online. It’s never been more important to think beyond the showroom. See how dealers are finding new ways to deliver service and meet sales goals amid Social Distancing.

1 – Tips for Dealers on Working Remote

The Drive: Social distancing guidelines are changing everything. The way your dealership sells cars to your customer will forever be changed by the events shaping today, but it’s going to take some key steps. We can all do this.

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2 – A Perspective On Change From Dale Pollak

Dale Pollak: One of the most heartening thoughts of late is that we are all, collectively, willing to learn to do things differently. We’re all learning that reaching customers in earnest, without the traditional showroom is possible now, and in the future. Read the latest thoughts from Dale Pollak, Vice President and Co-Founder of vAuto, a Cox Automotive company.

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3 – Why Most Auto Dealers, Service Departments Are Open for Business

USA Today: Millions of essential healthcare employees, public officials, safety workers and others need their vehicles to go to work while the rest of the world is sheltering at home. That makes the role of your service department more important than ever.

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4 – Online Car Shopping During Social Distancing

Edmunds: Social Distancing guidelines are keeping people at home to protect the general public. Yet, people still need to buy, sell, and service cars. Explore the various ways you can help your customers find offers, deals, and service while staying safe.

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5 – Automakers Create Payment Plans & Programs in Bid to Boost Flagging Sales

JD Power: See how these automakers are protecting you if you lose your job during this crisis with Job Loss Protection Plans.

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