Three Tips to Ensure a Great Registration and Title Experience

If it seems like more of your customers are in a hurry lately, it’s not just your imagination. A study found 39% of consumers have less patience than they did before the pandemic¹. For dealerships, the best ways to set up the experience customers demand are to speed the deal process and avoid any situations that cause time-consuming complications or delays.

That’s true from the moment the customer begins their interaction with you, but let’s look at how you can specifically optimize registration and title steps with technology. After all, the deal is in the home stretch at reg and title, so customers will be particularly aware of whether they’re reaching the conclusion quickly or getting bogged down.

Always Keep Moving

One way to keep the registration and title process running smoothly is to make sure your technology is integrated so that information entered and confirmed earlier in the deal doesn’t need to be re-entered later. You can win with customers by digitizing previously manual processes and setting up the right integrations to make sure that customer and deal data flows from leads to contracts to registration and title.

How annoying is it for customers to have to say the same things over and over? Enough that 93% of people surveyed said they were willing to spend more with companies that don’t make them repeat information.² So, integrations not only reduce aggravation for your staff and customers but can actually put the customer in a better frame of mind for spending.

Avoid Trade-In Complications

Using a trade-in titling solution to get a look at the title before accepting a trade should be a routine step for any deal with a trade-in. If you’ve ever had to unwind a deal due to a surprise co-owner on the title, you know that what you don’t know can hurt you – and lead to the opposite of a great customer experience.

When you can see all the title details up front, you can go into each trade with your eyes wide open and work with the customer to straighten things out before they become a problem. Also, the faster you can take in a trade and get its title in hand, the more inventory choices you have available for the next customers!

Optimize Your Processes

Last but not least, don’t forget to attend to technical details like default settings, templates, and automation to give your workflows extra speed and help your staff focus more on the customer and less on repeating routine tasks. Take full advantage of your integrations and connections with state DMVs and lenders to make your registration and title workflows fast, efficient, and accurate for you and your customers.

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1“The State of Customer Service Report.” April 14, 2022. Netomi.
2“CX Trends 2022.” Zendesk.

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