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Amid fears of disruption and loss of revenue, the spirit of innovation is driving chance in the business. Where once physical and social interaction between salespeople and clients was cornerstone, now personal and public safety is number one. Social Distancing is impacting traditional processes and workflows. Yet, together, we are adapting to meet the needs of our partners as they discover new ways to bring the business of buying, selling, and servicing cars to their customers.

Partners today, partners always

As we navigate this uncertain time together, our team is here to answer any questions your dealership has about your Dealertrack DMS technology. Having a network that helps your dealership meet demand is imperative, and we will work together to address any concerns you have. Please contact your representative or reach out for direct assistance in any of the following ways

Dealertrack DMS Support
Find answers, ask questions, create cases, and connect with other DMS users.
Contact support.

DMS Support Line
Phone: (800) 429-3377

NEW: Learn about the Cox Automotive Retail Solutions COVID-19 Assistance Program for April and May.
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An Opportunity to Refocus

While social distancing is keeping our showrooms empty, and as our teams navigate the remote working process, we’re looking to our partners for advice on hidden opportunities in this time of change. One tip that has been suggested is to find time to clean up your dealership’s work-in-progress. By asking each of the departments within your dealership to make the most of downtime by closing out repair orders, on-hold parts tickets, and old car deals, you’ll not only free up revenue, you’ll also gain new insight into what is truly outstanding.

Helping our clients maintain business continuity is a top priority. Visit our Business Continuity Tools & Resources Center for more.

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