Your Dealership’s All-Access Pass

A customer is at your dealership ready to buy a vehicle from you and they’ve brought a trade-in. It’s game time! But trade-ins come with a lot of questions that can leave you feeling like you’re in the nosebleed seats without binoculars.

Whose names are on the title? What’s happening with the lien? How much is the payoff? These are some of the questions on the field when you’re handling a trade-in. The answers are out there, but traditionally it’s been a time-consuming process to get them into play.

So, what if you could get an all-access pass? Dealertrack Accelerated Title is designed to put you in the center of the action with instant access to the title and payoff information you need to proceed confidently with any trade-in.

What can you access with Accelerated Title?

  • A view of the actual title, with all the relevant details including the seller’s exact name and address, etc.
  • Accurate payoff information
  • Direct lender connections for customer payment information

Your all-access pass sets your team up for the win by:

  • Immediately red-flagging any problems with the title so you can address them with your customer right away.
  • Allowing you to desk cleaner deals with more information than you get from a regular payoff quote.
  • Providing all this information at no cost.

The unparalleled visibility, transparency and accuracy of the Accelerated Title platform gives you behind-the-scenes access to the information you need to stay in the win column every day.

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