5 Tools for Driving Operational Efficiency


Dealership operations are facing new challenges in the face of uncertainty. All industries will be impacted—either immediately or eventually—in 2020 by new Social Distancing guidelines and new operating models. Yet, the automotive industry has faced challenges in the past and will weather this storm, too. With access to super-fast technology, insights like data analytics and cloud-based technology, integrated solutions, and the flexibility for employees (and buyers) to telecommute, dealers are now reshaping operations and procedures. Here are five tools to help drive operational efficiency while your team navigates these changes:

Flexibility Through Integration

Utilizing Opentrack gives you the flexibility to build your Dealer Management System to fit your business needs by integrating with any of the 175+ certified third-party vendors. Integrations add flexibility to your DMS and also help you consolidate the number of technology systems your team has to use every day or every task and provides opportunity to be more operationally efficient. Learn more.

Unlocking Data-driven Insights

Reporting solutions are critical to dealerships during economic uncertainty by uncovering operational efficiencies and actionable insights. DMS Critical Analytics is a tool that offers pre-built dashboards and reporting modules with drill-down capabilities and filtering that help you prioritize that data that drives value to your dealership. Stay on top of the game by finding the latest trends first and positioning your dealership to capitalize on opportunities.

Optimizing Your Network

As businesses drive towards digital transformations, it’s important to have a network to keep your system up and running on all cylinders. Dealertrack DMS has partnered with Proton IT to offer Managed Network Services to dealerships that help dealerships save money and increase performance. Network professionals come on-site to optimize your setup and offer 24/7 support with industry expertise so you never miss a beat. While outsourcing your network services can sound overwhelming, you can save up to 50% by switching from an in-house solution.

Premier Human Capital Management

Managing a business and people in times like these are tough, which is why Dealertrack DMS has partnered with Hireology to offer a complete HR and Payroll solution powered by Netchex. Reduce administrative tasks and streamline your systems needed to hire, pay, and support your teams with industry-leading platforms that are completely integrated with your DMS.

Digital Document Management

Our Reflections platform helps you take the pile of paperwork and migrate it into a digital library, helping ease the dependence of working on-site.

Webinar: Best Practices for Driving Operational Efficiency
As dealerships face unprecedented circumstances, Dealertrack DMS has compiled best practices and opportunities to share with your dealership and help you create a plan of action to drive operational efficiency.

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