A Dealer-Focused DMS

Original article written by Paul Whitworth, Senior Vice President of Dealer Management Systems at Dealertrack

What does it mean to be a dealer-focused DMS?

Two years ago, Dealertrack DMS reframed its strategy to focus on being the High Tech, High Touch DMS. So what does that mean? In short, it means that we are focused on the client. Our customers—dealerships just like yours—are at the center of the way we develop technology and the way we offer our services. Of course, we don’t believe that dealers are regularly raving about their dealer management systems, any more than we expect our neighbors to tell us about their amazing washing machines. In a way, the DMS is an appliance. Dealers count on it to be there and to perform its function while they focus on building and running their businesses.

So, in addition to providing a full set of capabilities, what does a High Tech, High Touch DMS do that is special? How is our focus on our dealership clients apparent in our products and services? There are four main things that make us different.  Our DMS is open, intuitive, and easy to use. Finally, we aim to be easy for dealerships to work with.

Dealertrack DMS is Open

Automotive retail has become very competitive and, increasingly, innovative technology is being used by dealerships to differentiate themselves. Our open system allows dealers to work easily with a broad range of solution providers. Dealers pick the solutions that they need to win and can count on Dealertrack DMS to integrate those solutions into the rest of their systems. We want you to do business your way, not ours. Dealertrack DMS is giving dealerships the freedom to pursue their own unique strategies rather than forcing them to do things just like everyone else.  

Dealertrack DMS is Intuitive

Similarly, a client-focused DMS doesn’t become a central issue in dealership personnel decisions. With employee turnover at an all-time high and the traditional dealership workforce getting older, dealers need more freedom to hire the best people for their business. Dealers need to be able to select candidates based on their skills in the areas of customer service, selling, technology, and management. Too often, however, they are forced to make hiring decisions based on prior DMS experience. To remove the need for prior experience, Dealertrack DMS has developed an intuitive user interface that employees, regardless of background, can learn quickly.

Dealertrack DMS is Easy To Use

Beyond our intuitive interface, Dealertrack DMS is easy to use across a number of dimensions. The platform is fully web-based and works across all types of devices. The system features simple navigation and thoughtful design, limiting the number of clicks required to complete an action. Finally, the system aligns dealership tasks into natural workflows so that employees don’t need to jump between screens or enter the same data twice.

Dealertrack DMS is Easy To Work With

Perhaps the most important part of our High Tech, High Touch approach is our commitment to become a true partner. By definition, a client-centric DMS must make it as easy as possible to do business and to leverage technology. We believe we are the clear leader in this area. Here are just a few examples of things we are doing to put the dealer at the center of our product and service offerings:

  • We offer simple upfront pricing with no long-term contracts.
  • We are deploying DMS 360—an online community and user portal to get our users the answers they need to do their jobs quickly and easily.
  • We provide Performance Managers: proactive coaches to help clients better use our software and improve their businesses.
  • We introduced DMS Edge virtual user conferences and DMS Controller Conference.

When it is time to upgrade your business, be sure to examine the goals and objectives of your technology partners. Look for a company that puts dealerships at the center of its operation. And, please take a look at Dealertrack DMS, the only High Tech, High Touch dealer management system.

Paul Whitworth, Senior Vice President of Dealer Management Systems at Dealertrack, has been at the forefront of automotive retail technology advancements his whole career. Paul graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has held positions with J.D Power & Associates, Accenture, Hyundai Motor America, and Cox Automotive as well as leading several start-up companies.

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