Drive to Success: Better Customer Experience for the Long Haul

Buying a car is an emotional experience, an expensive process, and one of the biggest financial transactions most consumers will make in any given year. While customer expectations and buying habits are shifting, one thing that’s remained constant is the need to improve the customer experience at your dealership, every day. Your dealership’s reputation hinges on this experience well before a buyer walks in the door and overcoming negative interactions can have long-lasting impacts. But, don’t panic: plan instead. Small steps to the speed-of-sale, the ease of your online payment processing, and how you interact long after a sale can go a long way. Read more:

1 – Why Automotive Needs to Get More Personal

CBT News: Bad news: automotive shoppers would rather go to the DMV, clean toilets, have an extended phone conversation with their mother-in-law, or get stuck on jury duty than shop for a car. You can help them out and get to know them before they walk into your dealership with these tips.

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2 – Working Deals in a Digital World

Cox Auto Inc: Your next customer is ready to make a deal online. Use this to your advantage because increased efficiency, profitability, and even customer loyalty are part of the deal if you do it right.

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3 – Taking Control: Improving The Millennial’s Car Buying Experience

Strathcom Media: If you’re looking to build trust and improve the buying process for millennials, you simply can’t get sloppy. Focusing on a detail like website load-time can be the difference between making a sale and, in the grand scheme of things, have a major impact on experience.

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4 – 4 reasons people hate buying a car and what auto companies can do about it

Vision Critical: Cars may represent freedom, but everything is about to change. Mobility, ride-share apps, and changing attitudes of younger buyers is disrupting the future of car buying. If the car buying process remains unpleasant, the future for dealers doesn’t look bright.

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5 – Why People Dislike Car Buying, and What to Do About It

Wards Auto: No other transaction process is (nearly) as fraught with friction as the auto-buying process. And your customers hate it. If you’re doing something simply because, “that’s the way it’s always been done,” it’s time to reconsider. Removing the negotiation process altogether can result in higher reviews and referrals. And more repeat customers. You do the math.

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