Drive to Success: Brand Advocacy in Digital Retail

Are you turning customers into brand advocates with your new digital retailing program? It may have been easier when you could meet face to face, but the rules have changed. Connecting to your customers on an emotional level, sharing your story, and building trust—all while conducting business in a virtual environment—is more important than ever. You can turn those virtual visits into memorable experiences that’ll have your customers singing your praises and advocating for your dealership. Here’s how:

1 – The New Currency of Convenience Dealers who focus more on personalization, communication, and a better experience are simultaneously building brand advocacy in the digital retail space. Make it easier to do business and your core customers will thank you.

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2 – A Dealership Experience as Personal as Naming a Car

VinSolutions: The car buying process is riff with emotion. So much so, that there’s a National Name Your Car day. Every interaction with your customers should build a personal picture of them, from how they like to shop, to the way they like to be contacted.

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3 – 5 Ways to Differentiate Your Dealership from the Competition

Cox Auto: When it comes to promoting your digital retail experience, one of the key differentiators comes down to telling your brand’s story. That’s because connecting with your buyers on a personal level is more important than ever in the new digital shopping experience.

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4 – For Brands and Employees, Purpose Now Matters More Than Ever

Gensler: Purpose-led branding, employee-led companies, and connecting with the community may be the deciding factor in which brands make it in 2021. After all, 75% of consumers would rather buy from companies who contribute positively to their communities.

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5 – 9 Tips for a Complete Customer Advocacy Strategy

Gray Group: Word of mouth advertising is great. But, car buying and service centers transitioning to a fully digital platform might need some extra help. Check out these solid tips.

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