Drive to Success: The Human Touch of a Successful Sales Team

The automotive industry is experiencing a digital shift with more technology, faster apps, and new ways to search and shop. But, standing at the frontline of your dealership—the crucial “human touch” that keeps your customers coming back—is your sales team. Nurturing and developing this team of men and women into experienced sales professionals is an investment that improves your dealership’s reputation and ensures your future success. Is this currently part of your business strategy? If not, it should be. Read on:

1 – 4 Team-Building Strategies for Your Sales Staff

Dealer Marketing: Things have changed on the dealership sales floor where competition is out and camaraderie is in. Discover team-building tips to tackle those sales numbers, together.

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2 – Empowerment Plus Training Equals Success

Auto Dealer Today Magazine: A lot of research has been done to uncover, and harness, the motivating factors of a successful sales force. Could recognition be the missing piece?

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3 – Equip Your Team with a Winning Culture

CBT News: Investing in your sales team pays off, but do you know what you can do to empower them? If you’re going to build a winning culture, you’ve got to show (not tell) your sales people that you’re all on the same team.

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4 – 10 Unconventional But Effective Ways To Train Your Sales Staff

Forbes: It turns out most sales managers are simply too busy to train their sales staff effectively. The solution? Start thinking about sales training differently. Check out these unconventional, and creative, techniques for improving your sales training strategy.

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5 – Role-Playing Is the Practice That Makes Perfect

Entrepreneur: Ready to role-play? Here’s a checklist for a successful role-playing activity for you and your sales team. After all, practice makes perfect!

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