Drive to Success: The New Era of Data Optimization is Here

The words “Big Data” are about to become your go-to mantra for 2021. While the last twelve months may have seen a huge shift in digitization, online service offerings, and a restructure of your storefront, dealerships who master data optimization and operational efficiency through better technology partnerships are set up for success long term.

1 – Dealers Deserve Access to Their Data

Automotive News: When organizations restrict a dealership’s access to their own data under the guise of better security, the math just doesn’t add up. According to Tracy Fred, VP at Cox Automotive, dealers’ right to access their own data is self-evident.

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2 – The Automotive Industry And The Data Driven Approach

Forbes: Cars represent a huge data pool that could serve as a value-add for consumers. And, according to research in this article, if monetized, could add up to 750 billion in the next ten years.

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3 – Why Ease and Efficiency Matter in Website Innovation A personalized shopping experience is a key success factor in offering a great digital shopping experience. But, in order to make this happen, dealers must harness the vast troves of data available to them.

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4 – Fight the Fear of Change with Accessible Data

xtime: Changing consumer expectations are driving big changes at dealerships. In order to move beyond the fear of change, radical steps must be taken. The first step to meet these demands is to put technology at the fingertips of your team.

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5 – How 2020 Taught Dealers to Optimize

Dealertrack: A big year of change pushed forward technological and digital advances for most dealers. Yet, dealers who chose technology optimization may win in the long-run. By reducing the high costs of integration fees and streamlining workflows with frictionless interfaces, your budget and your staff are set up for long term success.

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