Three Questions to Ask About In-State Reg and Title

It may not happen on the sales floor, or in the F&I office – but the business of “reg and title” is a significant part of the car buying journey.

Do it right and you reduce the hassle, delays and errors that can be associated with registering a vehicle. That’s more than business office productivity – it’s one of the last opportunities to make a great impression through quick processing and value-add services. Automated registration systems help in achieving this optimal experience, but only when paired with deep experience, and when connected to the retail workflow. That connection between sales desk and business office is a critical part of making sure that one of the last steps in the car buying process happens without error and as quickly as possible.   

If you’re researching registration and title solutions, make sure you start with these questions:

1. Can you complete a submission from one screen?

Yes, but it takes a powerfully simple UI designed with title clerks in mind. Think like a business office professional, and ask if the screen and navigation choices make data entry simple, and if the task is clearly organized.

2. Should the registration transaction be considered part of the deal jacket?

It’s integral to a connected retail workflow. Transparency between the sales office and business office helps to improve communication, catch errors and more. That leads to good outcomes, like better customer service, faster processing and more productivity.  

3. How strong is the service and support component?

Good technology automates a significant amount of the registration and title process, but a strong supporting team of experts is vital in order to help your team navigate the complexities of motor vehicle department changes and rules. From state-specific expertise to proven training programs, the technology works best when it’s paired with dedicated support.

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