Thinking Ahead to 2019 at NADA

The biggest event for anyone and everyone in the automotive industry takes place in San Francisco Jan. 24-27, 2019. And, whether this is your first NADA experience or you’re a seasoned pro, one thing’s certain: it’s time to get ready. With 2018 wrapping up fast, a fresh look forward to a bright and shiny new year doesn’t hurt, either. So, what are your plans for NADA? Are you jumping in head-first? Or, will you proceed cautiously, with a well-thought out plan and strategy? We’ve got a few ideas that might help…

Here’s to a Fresh Start
This year saw more than a few shake-ups to the automotive industry, both to the manufacturers who faced uncertain changes due to policy shifts and tariffs, and to large-scale corporations whose unsettled leadership made headlines (seemingly) weekly. Could a fresh start in the new year give rise to more transparency? Will dealerships see shift in buying habits from millennials and the emergence of the new mobility market? Time will tell.

NADA Professional Series
And speaking of time, how your dealership professionals optimize their time at NADA just got better. The new NADA Professional Series features courses and training fine-tuned for dealership office managers, sales managers, parts managers, and service managers. Now, the key leadership positions within your organization responsible for (can we say almost everything?) so much of what drives your bottom line can discover innovative ways to improve profitability.

Ready, Set, SWOT!
Planning on winging it at the largest conference of 2019? That’s not exactly a plan we’d condone, but who are we to stop you? Rather, might we suggest setting SWOT goals for you and your attending teammates? SWOT, which stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats,” can help you identify four key areas of your business to focus on for improvement. For example, if you identify winning new customers as a key Strength, but retaining customers via referral as a Weakness, you can spend your time attending sessions aimed at boosting your retention plan.

Get Your Ultimate NADA Guide
Still feeling lost? We’ve got your back. Get your copy of the Ultimate Guide to NADA 2019 from vAuto. This guide is packed with tips for navigating the show, exclusive insights from industry leaders on what to expect, and insider picks for the top sessions you should attend.

Many dealerships are busy wrapping up their year-end sales, planning for an epic 2019, and taking care of business as usual. But, don’t let 2019’s biggest automotive industry event sneak up on you—there’s still time to plan your strategy and book time on the floor to see everything, live and in-person, that the new year has to offer your dealership.

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