Unlock Your Dealership’s Profitability with Connected Technology

When the data in your dealership doesn’t sync with the technology you’ve invested in, your staff will almost certainly struggle. Don’t settle for manual processes and broken workflows that frustrate your customers and your employees. Rather, opt for connected technologies that deliver time-saving solutions that result in higher profitability. Watch the webinar.

The fact is today’s increasingly competitive franchise dealerships must create seamless experiences that win repeat business and add additional revenue. Fortunately, connecting your service technology and DMS helps maximize efficiency and revenue while strengthening your dealership with the power of continuous, real-time data.

Utilizing and Tracking Discounts

When you combine the power of Dealertrack DMS and Xtime, you give your team the tools they need to successfully utilize and track discounts, including:

  • Dollar Discounts
  • Percentage Discounts
  • Variable/Manager Owner Discounts
  • Actual Retail Value Discounts
Tracking Your QL Effective Labor Rate

If you’re like most dealerships, your effective labor rate is probably not very good. By combining Dealertrack DMS and Xtime, you can separate mechanical repair (ML) and quick lane (QL) to:

  • Obtain Accurate Reporting
  • Manage True Effective Labor Rate (ELR)
  • Increase Warranty Rates
  • Avoid Disrupting Employee Processes

To learn more about how to unlock your dealership’s profit potential, book your personalized demo, today.


About the Webinar Presenter

Jade Mitchell

Jade is the Sr. Manager of Performance Management at Dealertrack DMS. He has more than two decades of experience working inside automotive dealerships. Today, he works with dealerships to maximize utilization and to drive process and profit improvement. He believes that deep-dive DMS data can have a sizable, measurable impact on dealership success.

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