Beyond The Contract

Finding the right technology partner for your dealership takes more than a solid contract or a good deal to secure your trust. When it comes to choosing the right Dealer Management System (DMS), you deserve a partner, not just another provider. Here’s what you should expect from your DMS partner when you go beyond the contract.

Discover more from your technology investment

Signing a contract can feel like a serious investment—and it is. Yet, often for dealers, before the ink is dry, the relationship between your DMS provider is out of sight and out of mind. A truly vested partnership should help you and your team uncover the true value of your technology investment. Learning a new system has the potential to help your team uncover more productive process improvements, learn new ways of analyzing data, and change the way your business operates.

Partnering with true experts

Getting advice from your vendors in the past has probably felt like a sales pitch. And those “trusted experts” have probably had their own sales goals to meet. What if your new DMS partner came with a team of industry pros, with real field experience, who had your goals, values, and aspirations in mind? Partnering with Performance Managers is like having a trusted advocate in your corner to help level-up your goal-setting game. After all, when our partners do well, it makes everyone look good.

Trust and transparency are the new customer service model

Your dealership goes a long way to deliver top notch customer service to your buyers. So you’d expect nothing less from your partners, right? Then why do so many dealerships tolerate customer service that fails to meet the needs of their team before, during, and (especially) after a technology transition? With the introduction of DMS 360, our DMS users have access to an online community of peers for faster problem-solving that delivers a new level of transparency.

Choosing a new DMS is the first step, but discovering a true partner who can help ease the pain of a transition to your new, improved DMS and deliver better customer service is the future of dealership technology. Learn from real-world dealers, like you, who have made the transition by watching the video below.


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