Bonus Benefits of a Tech Change

Just like spring-cleaning, decluttering your dealership’s systems paves the way for progress.

Updating your automotive dealership’s technology is a lot like spring cleaning. Once you’ve made the mental decision to let go of the old, legacy systems holding you and your business back, you’re free to update your data, your systems, and your processes. It’s a lot like cleaning out the garage! Here are additional benefits your dealership will experience once you upgrade your technology:

#1 – Working Smarter Pays Off

How you work is as important as how hard you work. And your team works hard. Legacy platforms may be hindering the productivity of even the most efficient team members. Upgrading to a software system with an easy-to-use interface frees your staff to focus on more important responsibilities like customer service. And that adds up over time. According to the Cox Automotive 2018 Service Industry Study, around 70% of consumers who purchased or leased from a dealer didn’t return to that same dealership that same year.

#2 – Stop The Integration Fee Madness

Technology has a tricky side-effect: you purchase a system built to run one part of your business, which requires a second tool (with added fees) to connect to your data, which then requires a complex system to set up your reporting and tracking, etc. According to independent research, dealerships are using seven different systems to close a sale. With monthly fees averaging $500 each, dealers are spending $3,500 each month, or $42,000 a year, to access their own data. Dealertrack DMS offers open integration. Your blood pressure can lower, you can breathe a sigh of relief…ahhhhhhh.

Letting go of old, outdated technology feels hard. But making the switch is a decision that comes with added bonuses that impact your entire dealership from your budget to your team’s productivity.

To see more benefits of moving on, and to hear how the switch made business better for real-life dealerships (like you), get the guide: Dealer’s Dilemma: Letting Go of Old Technology

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