Drive to Success: Best Practice Tips for Taxes and W-2’s

It’s crunch time (also known as year end for controllers and finance managers). This is your time to shine, so don’t panic. Taxes, W-2’s, and important tasks and deadlines are your thing. Here’s a list of important resources and articles to help guide you. Read more:

1 – 5 Tips to Help Your Dealership Prepare for Tax Season

Dealer Center: Preparing your dealership for tax season is more than business-as-usual. It can also be big business. Crafting your inventory, building sales, and moving your merchandise can also be part of a smart tax-season strategy.

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2 – Checklists For Auto Dealership Buyers And Sellers

Automotive Buy Sell Report: Looking to grow your auto dealership franchise in 2019? Look out; dealerships are complicated business entities! But, you know this already. Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

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3 – Auto Dealers Feeling Edgy at Year’s End

Forbes: This past year brought a mixed bag of tariffs, new laws, and even legal trouble for the automotive industry. All of this turmoil has left an impact on dealers as this Q4 2018 Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index reveals. Check it out.

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4 – Guide for Controllers 2018/2019

MAZARS Ledger: Start here for tips, advice, reminders and more as you begin your year-end payroll, W-2’s and other important tasks.

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5 – Your Year End Smooth Landing

Publisher Bold: Knocking out important year-end dates, one-by-one doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve got you covered with resources, downloadable forms, and a critical list of dates, tasks, and everything in-between.

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Check back next week for more Drive to Success.


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