Drive to Success: Hiring Quality Talent

The business of auto sales isn’t just about moving metal. It’s about fostering a culture of committed employees devoted to the long-term goals of the dealership. When employees take pride in their jobs, they connect better with customers, work more efficiently, and contribute to improved profits for business owners.

1 – Addressing High Turnover: Five ways Dealers Can Attract and Retain Millennial Talent 

CBT Automotive Network: Millennials make up 60 percent of new dealership hires, but over half of them leave their jobs within the first year. To hire and retain more employees among the growing group of Millennials in the workforce, dealerships can create more opportunities to learn and grow, including providing quality management to oversee their career progress. Doing so can reverse the trend of high turnover, saving dealerships money while building for the future. 

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2 – Women In The Dealership: Overcoming The Industry Talent Challenge

Hireology: A commitment to hiring quality talent means considering a larger pool of potential candidates. With women accounting for only 20% of new dealership hires, expanding the pool of qualified candidates includes finding more women for roles that have traditionally been filled by men. And with women making the majority of vehicle choices nationwide, it makes sense to hire more women for sales positions, too. By changing job descriptions to appeal to both men and women, dealerships can find the right employees for the job. 

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3 – Top 5 HR Changes Dealers Are Making

Auto Dealer Today: The average dealership incurs up to $600,000 in turnover-related costs per year. By creating a well-defined hiring process, modernizing your career site, taking a mobile-first approach to hiring, strengthening your on-boarding process, and redefining roles, your dealership can both attract and retain top industry talent.

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4 – How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Digital Dealer: Not unlike any other long-term relationship, the importance of hiring the right people is critical to a dealership’s overall success. Recruiting is no longer and afterthought, but a science that seeks out the right match for a dealership. By carefully choosing words in help-wanted ads (including title, description, and keywords) and placing notices in the right places, dealerships can attract the right people at the right time.

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5 – How Dealers Can Hire and Keep Top Talent

Automotive News: In order to recruit and keep top industry talent, dealerships can do more to create a sustainable, desirable culture that includes better pay, better work hours, and better opportunities for career growth. These three elements combine to foster and develop employees that are committed to the long-term goals of a dealership, thereby lowering turnover and operating costs.

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