Drive to Success: Service Lane Optimization Solutions

The issue of margin compression has shifted from “solution” to “management” recently, as dealers are now finding ways to live with the conundrum, rather than look for an outright fix. For most dealers, the most obvious solution can be found by optimizing the profitability of your service lane. Better customer service, return visits, and building trust may sound simple, but they go a long way. And, with a strong focus on upgrading your digital capability, building a strategic plan to optimize now, rather than later, could pay off in a big way. Read more:

1 – 7 Tips To Fill Your Service Lane

Edifice Automotive: The service lane is the “unsung hero” of your dealership. Follow these seven tips to improve your service lane profitability.

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2 – 3 Key Communications that Drive Customer Pay

XTime: Although technology is changing faster everyday, the auto industry can be painfully slow to keep up. If your service lane looks like a blast-from-the-past, it’s time to take a look at some much needed upgrades.

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3 – A Fresh Focus on Fixed Ops Is Paying Off

Cox Automotive: As vehicle sales contribute less, and fixed ops make up more of the gross profit (up to 49%), your service lane optimization should be a key strategic focus.

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4 – Turn Your Service Department into a Profit Center

Dealer Marketing: The digital world is having a huge impact on your ability to turn your service department into a huge profit-driving engine at your dealership.

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5 – 5 Processes that Drive Service Profits

Digital Dealer: The opportunity to maximize service lane profits has never been greater. While margin compression continues to reduce gross profits in other areas, it’s never been more important to pay attention to this key department.

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