Driver’s Village: More Than A Vendor, A DMS Partner

The crew at Driver’s Village relies on their DMS for a lot of things: running a smooth business, digging deep into their data and analytics, and growing. So, when it came time to choose a new technology, they didn’t want to purchase a vendor, they wanted to find a partner. That’s where Dealertrack DMS came in. But, what does it take to make the grade? What are the key attributes that make a DMS provider qualify as a partner? Here are the four top qualities that Driver’s Village looks for in their partnership:

A True Partner Drives Connectivity
With Dealertrack DMS and Opentrack, there’s a bi-directional connectivity with other partners and integration that allows dealerships the ability to look back. And when you have the ability to dive into your dealership’s history, like Driver’s Village, you’re more empowered as you move forward. Connecting, empowering, and making all data easily accessible is step number one to being a good partner.

Good Partners Help You Grow
Driver’s Village has actually partnered with Dealertrack DMS since the 1990’s and a lot has changed. As they’ve grown (and grown!), Dealertrack DMS has been there each time a new dealership has joined the family. Having a partner who helps Driver’s Village reach their goals, without being a roadblock or a burden, is key.

“We don’t consider Dealertrack DMS as a vendor,” says Firas Makhlouf. “We consider Dealertrack DMS as a partner.”

A Good Partner Brings Bright New Talent to Your Dealership
The old, archaic days of DMS in the green screen is the fastest way to scare away millennials when recruiting new team members. With high turnover rates and an increasingly difficult race to master the millennial market, a shift in DMS technology can be the key to finding, onboarding, and retaining potential candidates. “Our new hires? They like that ease-of-use and point-and-click…When we show them a nice DMS user-interface, with point-and-click, they feel at ease,” says Fira Makhlouf, CIO of Driver’s Village.

Making the Switch to a New Partner
An overhaul of your dealership’s DMS technology is a big deal. Although Driver’s Village has been with Dealertrack DMS for several decades, each time they acquire a new dealership their team faces the reality of changing the new business’s DMS to Dealertrack. The emotional process of making the switch, however, is softened by having a good partner at-the-ready. “Dealertrack’s DMS is intuitive,” explains Lou Bregou, Director of Operations. “Dealertrack has a history of integrating companies.” Plus, Driver’s Village points out that Dealertrack DMS is backed by Cox Automotive. It’s a partnership that the their team has come to rely on as more than just a vendor. “We don’t consider Dealertrack DMS as a vendor,” says Firas Makhlouf. “We consider Dealertrack DMS as a partner.”

Your dealership will always work with outside vendors, SaaS providers, retailers, perhaps even marketing agencies. And those vendors can be the key to your success or drive your downfall. It’s vital to select technology vendors who understand your goals, have reliable platforms, and are willing to work together to drive the success of your business. Ultimately, take time to select your vendors wisely and to forge partnerships with real people you trust. Read more about Driver’s Village and watch their story here.


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