Go Mobile – Before, During and After the F&I Presentation

With every passing day, we all become more and more reliant on our smartphones and tablets. We can do everything from order dinner delivery to find a new home from the convenience of our mobile devices.

Consumers are also moving to mobile devices as they begin to shop for a car. More than half of car shoppers used multiple devices to research vehicles, and 18 percent only used mobile, according to the 2017 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey study.

Customers are ready and willing to learn about products and services via mobile, but many dealerships are still only offering the old-school, static print-out or desktop selling experience in the F&I office. Read on to find out how a dynamic, interactive mobile menu selling experience benefits your customers – and your bottom line – before, during and after the F&I presentation.

Before the Presentation

Nine in 10 consumers prefer a unique, personalized car-buying journey that allows them to shop and buy in a very personalized way, according to the Cox Automotive Future of Digital Retail Study. Yet many dealers are still taking a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to selling F&I products. Menu selling solutions specifically built for mobile devices, like Dealertrack’s eMenu for iPad®, allow you to provide customers with the unique experience they crave by giving you the tools you need to personalize each presentation.

During the Presentation

The average dealership incurs more than $180,000 annually in federal regulatory compliance costs, according to a study by the Center for Automotive Research. Many of the missteps that can result in big fines happen in the F&I office, but an interactive mobile selling solution can help you stay in compliance – and on good terms with your customer. Dealertrack’s eMenu for iPad, for example, automatically complies with product disclosure requirements and captures and stores customer signatures for up to 30 days or 10 years with Dealertrack Compliance.

After the Presentation

You’ll see the benefits of mobile selling before and during the presentation, but the most dramatic benefits are in the results, after the presentation has ended. Put in the effort before and during the presentation to provide your customers with an educational, approachable and interactive experience, and your bottom line will reap the rewards.

On average, eMenu for iPad users earned an additional $354 in F&I profit per deal, and they sold 1.4 times more F&I products versus those users who did not leverage a mobile device in their presentation.*

Click here for an interactive tour of Dealertrack’s eMenu for iPad® mobile selling experience. 

 *Average increase when using eMenu for iPad with eMenu vs. only eMenu, based on results from Dealertrack-subscribing dealers January 2017 – July 2017

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