Key Results From Integrated Payroll Tech

When Neal Jackson, accounting manager at Lawley Auto Group, decided to upgrade the payroll process and technology in his multi-state, multi-location dealership, he went looking for a solution that met certain requirements. It needed to keep his dealership in compliance, save time, and reduce the amount of manual adjusting his team always took on to get the job done right. What he discovered was a modern, integrated payroll solution that worked directly with his Dealer Management System. Jackson, an “early adopter” of the technology, was ready to dive in and give it a try. Here are four key results that Jackson and Lawley Auto Group uncovered as a result.

1 – Tech Time in No Time

When dealers talk about the key challenges of managing payroll within their dealership, Tech Time is usually at the top of the list. Variable rates of pay, managing commissions, and calculating costs always make the process of managing payroll more complex. “Tech Time has been a huge, huge time-saver for me. And one of the reasons is that we’re semi-monthly and one of those Tech Time conversions happens at month-end,” explains Jackson. With integrated payroll, Tech Time is automated, saving accounting teams hours upon hours each week. And those hours add up to serious cost-savings in time.

2 – No More Manual Paperwork

Jackson found himself manually adjusting payroll each month for eight different locations in his automotive group. With different state tax laws, over 250 employees, and only a small team of three employees to help him, the conversion process could take hours (and sometimes days). “It was very hard to get reports out of payroll in a manner that was usable. So, I spent a lot of time taking reports out of Dealertrack and converting them into an excel file. And that was pretty time-consuming due to all the noise that was in them,” Jackson explains.

3 – Streamlined Onboarding Processes

Hiring, staffing, and onboarding is just the tip of the iceberg for human resource teams. In an industry facing an almost 80% turnover rate, getting your team up-to-speed with a fast and efficient process is key. “Simply by switching to Netchex, Lawley Auto Group’s entire hiring and onboarding process was streamlined so that hiring managers won a ton of time back in their day, and new hires now spend their first day doing the job they were hired to do,” explains Will Boudreaux, CEO of Netchex.

4 – Free to Focus on What Matters

When Lawley Auto Group began to see the time savings take effect upon the implementation of an integrated payroll system, something amazing happened. He was able to convert a full-time payroll position into a part-time clerk, freeing her to focus on other areas of growth within the dealership.

To learn more, download a copy of the Lawley Auto Group Story here.


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