Make the Move to a New Dealer Management System

The technology you use to connect your dealership operations is like a lifeline. So, it makes sense that a decision to move to a new Dealer Management System is a big deal. For many dealers, making the transition to any new technology is a difficult decision. Disruptions in work and business are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the many fears that can hold people back. Overcoming the fear of change to your daily workflows and access to data goes even further. Fortunately, the dealers in the video below, found the process of switching to a new DMS was calculated, supported, and guided by a team of experts. Furthermore, once they made the switch, they found a technology partner invested in their success beyond the switch.


Technology That Doesn’t Hold Your Team Back

New tools and tech often sound glamorous to people with purchase power. But they can also carry an intimidation factor that causes anxiety to your entire staff. If you’re considering a new technology as integral as your DMS, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of its user interface and useability. If your new hires and legacy teammates are unable to learn how to use your DMS, you’ll have an even bigger issue on your hands once you make the switch. Dealertrack DMS is rated the #1 easiest-to-use, so your team can reach full productivity faster and employees can take advantage of its powerful capabilities.

Access to Data Shouldn’t Cost More

Businesses can’t operate without access to the data and insights that help them see the bigger picture. With drill-down reporting, real-time data, and remote access to information when and where you need it, you can make the best decisions for your business. Unfortunately, some vendors hold your data hostage. Dealertrack DMS is backed by Cox Automotive, giving you access to the most powerful source of truth in the automotive industry. In fact, our open system is built to enable reliable, affordable connectivity to your best-in-class preferred vendors. Our open platform allows for third-party integrations and pairs easily with the vendors of your choice, reducing costly integration fees other providers charge.

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