Making the Switch to Your New DMS

Changing technologies might be the right move for your dealership, but it’s never an easy decision. Many dealers hold off switching to a new Dealer Management System for fear of disrupting workflows and downtime. It’s not a decision that any dealer takes lightly, which is why it’s so important to find a DMS partner committed to helping you every step of the way. Watch this video and discover why making the move to a more flexible DMS was worth the switch for these real-world franchise auto groups.

Trusted Partners

Your DMS provider should be invested in your success. When it comes to the time for installation, your new DMS team should be on-site, ensuring that your dealership has everything it needs to succeed. That means answering your questions, ensuring that every employee is up to speed, and employing industry best practices for data migration and installation.

Ongoing Support

Once your installation is complete, your new DMS partner should help you get the most out of your new technology. Your provider should have an ongoing presence in your dealership, consulting with your teams on a regular basis to improve performance and help enact operational changes when necessary. Because technology and the auto sales industry are constantly changing, your DMS partner should be forward-thinking, providing ongoing support and updates to help your dealership grow, as the industry evolves.

Watch the video below to see how real-world dealers, like you, made a successful transition to a new DMS and DMS partner.

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