Support for the Road Ahead

The industry-wide move toward offering a hybrid online/in-store car buying experience has been a resounding success. New- and used-vehicle buyers are reporting that the process takes less time and is more efficient than before, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. But that doesn’t mean change isn’t still scary.

As with anything new, you’re bound to have questions. Bumps in the road, growing pains, and (just maybe) brief moments of existential dread and panic tend to happen whenever you flip the switch.

We’ve all been there. That’s why having a partner that prioritizes innovative customer support and industry-leading client services is so pivotal. When you’re on the road to something bigger, you shouldn’t have to go there alone.

A Net(work) Benefit to Every Dealer

Automotive sales is a competitive, cutthroat industry, but when it comes to navigating the complexities of technology and transitioning to new sales processes, working together benefits every dealer individually (and the industry as a whole).

Partnering with a DMS provider that brings dealers together through a dedicated platform to freely express their needs and learn together any time of day or night, opens a door to a whole new level of transparency, community, and industry progress.

As your dealership adapts to the changing automotive sales landscape, take advantage of every resource available to you (including those in previously unlikely places) to find new ways to leverage your technology and make online car buying more seamless and profitable.

Learning, Together

Does your DMS provider give you the answers you need to improve your customers’ buying experience? Or, are you on your own to figure it out? Do you dread reaching out via phone call to customer support, when it would be easier to power through and find a workaround on your own?

Having a partner in your corner means knowing your vendor has your back in the event that something goes awry. It also means that your skills and expertise are valuable to your fellow peers. Your business is part of the reason that the entire automotive industry continually improves for buyers. And we’re leveling up, together. This is a major leap forward in automotive retail. It’s one that requires coordination, transparency, and total investment from your technology partners. With a community forum, live case updates, and online training and courses, DMS360 offers dealership staff an online resource that they can personally interact with, contribute to, and incorporate into their learning programs.

Seek out a DMS provider that helps you learn from what other dealers have already gone through. After all, time is money, and a true technology partner can help you leverage every resource available to get your dealership’s new digital processes up in running as quickly as possible.

Learn how next-level support leads to profitability for dealers by downloading The Dealer’s Guide for Maximizing Profitability.


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