Why Now is the Right Time to Switch Your HR and Payroll Tech

The digital age of automotive retail has arrived—it’s out with the old and in with the new way of buying and selling cars. This retail revolution has allowed dealers to keep up with customer preferences. But it has also provided the perfect opportunity to improve operational efficiency, including payroll and employee management, with the help of modern technology.

If your current HR technology doesn’t make your job easier and your dealership run smoother (or you’re still manually processing most of your payroll), here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to make the switch to Dealertrack DMS Integrated Payroll and HR Solutions.

Just in Time for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is one of the busiest times of the year for HR professionals. With an integrated solution, you get benefits administration help with easy enrollment and more comprehensive management that empowers employees to better control their own benefits coverage. Plus, it eliminates the paper and manual tasks associated with enrollment, carrier communication, and benefits administration.

Year-End Is Coming

Integrated technologies with Dealertrack DMS Payroll and HR Solutions help you avoid penalties, late fees, and audits associated with taxes and additional year-end to-dos.  Automated taxes and reporting keep you compliant and ensure accuracy, including electronic IRS filing and pay withdrawals, quarterly online tax statements, and W-2 previews.

A New Year’s Revolution

What better way to start off the new year than with a fresh start with your HR technology? After year-end budget audits, Integrated Payroll and HR can save you money across the company by eliminating waste and streamlining processes. If your company already has some form of HR technology, now is the time to evaluate ROI and seek further improvements on all of your HR processes.

HR Technology for the Digital Age

The shift towards digital technology in the workplace has made HR technology a practical necessity. Not only does it streamline human resource management, but today’s workforce wants and expects this kind of modern technology. Investing in HR technology can maximize your company’s potential, and help you reduce the risk of falling behind.

A Modern Workplace Companion

If you’re worried that HR Management will replace your job, don’t. Integrated solutions are designed to make the administrative side of HR easier by saving time, energy, and money. This enables you and your staff to focus on engaging with your company’s most important asset—people.

Customized HR Services

When you’re able to customize your HR Service experience, you get to pay only for the services that make a positive impact on your company and boost engagement. In other words, you can personalize and tailor fit the technology to your company’s needs, so you get the most out of your investment.

Simplified Switching

A streamlined implementation process gets your company up and running on the solution you select as soon as possible.  The implementation process is built upon several quick turnaround dates for our team, so the whole process can move as smoothly and quickly as your team helps move it along.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Love

HR technology is designed with employees in mind to make your job easier. Your HR team can take part in a comprehensive rollout plan, consisting of training, documentation, and personalized assistance from our award-winning client service team.

Ready to bring your HR management and payroll into the digital age? Learn more about Dealertrack DMS Payroll and HR.



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