Destination: Success – An Opportunity for Optimization

Dealers in the last twelve months have proved they’re no stranger to adaptation. When it comes to rebuilding or reimagining their business operations, those working in the automotive industry take it in stride. But the next big test will require a new look at operations, efficiency, and data optimization. With more and more of your business taking place in the digital storefront, a greater need for transparency, access, and analytics will be required. Discover the trends, insights, and research driving the success of today’s top dealers.

Top Trends in Automotive Tech

New market research shows that dealers are meeting—and exceeding—buyers’ expectations on the digital front. With better, faster, and more convenient ways to serve your customers, the genie is out of the bottle. When profit-driven technology makes business better, it’s simply a must-do. See the new trends in Profit-driven technology.

Implementation of Digital Tech

Who’s slow to change? Certainly not the automotive industry anymore. That’s according to research conducted by Cox Automotive. With optimized implementation processes and streamlined integrations, staying stuck with the status quo is no longer the safest bet—even during a pandemic. See how fast change is taking place. 

Digital Tech Adoption

Now that dealers are using new tools and technology to provide options for buyers, a big shift in consumer habits is here to stay. The idea of the ‘temporary fix’ is a myth. The new competitive advantage will be found in optimization, efficiency, and streamlining your services. See where the industry is going next.

Social Media Connects Dealers to More Buyers

With more people working from home, the need for connection has been greatly magnified. New social media tools are allowing businesses to connect to their communities like never before. With online platforms offering engagement and opportunity to reach your audience—before the competition—dealers can’t afford to miss out. See how social tools are helping dealers.

Mastering Data Optimization

You can’t master the market by simply bringing new digitized tools into your storefront and pressing the power button. Without data optimization, you’re missing out on powerful insights that better enable decision-making, forecasting, and reporting that can set up for success long term. See why Big Data is such a Big Deal.

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