Drive to Success: The Future of F&I

Welcome to the age of the “empowered customer.” Car buyers are doing their homework, and that includes research on financing and insurance, well before they visit your dealership. They need more than a good deal, and it’s up to your team to provide service, security, and incentives for returning again and again. While this may seem intimidating, the advent of technology, and the ability of dealerships to pivot and provide what buyers’ want, is hopeful. Read more:

1 – The Importance of an F&I Specialist

CBT News: Hear from expert Becky Chernek on the importance of having an F&I specialist inside your dealership.

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2 – Agents Must Offer More Than F&I Training

Agent Entrepreneur: It’s true: customers are doing their research on F&I options prior to entering the dealership. This new generation of buyers, armed and empowered with information, are ready to buy…as long as they get the right deal.

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3 – F&I Managers Look for Love in Techno Times

Wards Auto: Cox Automotive’s Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering predicts that Dealertrack will show F&I departments some love in the future. This department, generally feeling left behind from the tech-boom, is ready to get some much needed attention.

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4 – Future of F&I is All About Technology

Auto News: The future of F&I will, indeed, be paperless. It will also come with more regulations, rules, and privacy concerns. Is your dealership ready?

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5 – The Past, Present, and Shifting Future of F&I

The Ace Group: In the age of the “empowered consumer,” dealership F&I departments have to focus on providing value to customers. In the future, dealers who offer customer loyalty incentives will see the greatest growth from their F&I teams.

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