May the 4th (and Force) Be With You: Four Ways Auto Retail is Kind of Like Star Wars

There may not be light sabers involved (one hopes), but when it comes to Star Wars and the technology that drives auto retail, we can make a few fun comparables.

After all, the last thing any sales manager or dealership controller wants is to get stuck on a virtual outpost, searching for solutions like a desert scavenger. The sunset might be nice, but that outpost is no place to find cutting-edge workflow technology. So in the spirit of the day, and the pursuit of connected retail, here are four ways auto retail technology is (kind of) like Star Wars:

1. Jumping to light speed is like using Accelerated Title.

When it comes to title release, Accelerated Title gets you from start to finish 70 percent faster than the industry standard* — a time that’s sure to be quicker than any old Imperial TIE fighter. It’s technology that streamlines payoff quoting, release, and even tracking and reporting.

2. Using the force is like integrating F&I Compliance into your workflow.

It’s so much a part of process that you barely notice it’s there…until you need it. Then it becomes a powerful way to protect and defend your dealership from ID fraud, potential audits, and more.

3. Droids are a symbol of advanced technology – with a smart human touch.

The concept is like our Menu Selling solution: technology that helps build engagement and improve the aftermarket experience. F&I products like GAP, warranty and maintenance options are presented in a friendly and consultative way — thanks to the use of personal technology.

4. Sometimes, what you need is a simple, fast, and effective Podracer to get the job done.

More than that will slow things down, when the most important thing is a fast and efficient finish. Keep that in mind when it comes to your Reg & Title operation. Simple and powerful functionality such as an accurate calculation of taxes and fees, as well as automated error-checking, help ensure that this final step in the process meets the customer’s expectations.

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