Build Your Service Experience and Maximize Every RO

With fewer cars coming off the factory line and inventory shortages continuing to impact dealers, more car owners are keeping their cars longer. While this trend is less than ideal for new car sales, it presents a real opportunity for your service department to boost dollars per RO and increase profits. Garry Shirley, Performance Manager at Dealertrack DMS, recently sat down with a diverse panel of dealers to discuss a shift in focus toward fixed ops. (Watch the discussion here.)

Building Rapport with Service Departments

Improving the service experience and maximizing every RO is every dealership’s North Star. But Gary Shirley wanted to find out how thriving dealers were actually making it happen. The Dealer Principals and Managers who participated in our panel shared real-life tips and strategies that delivered measurable results for both their bottom line and customer satisfaction. Key to their success was investing in new ways to offer a more personalized approach to service by utilizing every customer’s service history data. Additionally, using both photo and video communication in the service process kept customers engaged and increased the “trust factor” between parties.

Watch the discussion here and check out the new resource center for more tips and insights on improving the service experience and capturing more revenue in your service lane.

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