Sell Millennials on the Dealership Experience

Good news! There’s a generation of digitally savvy people getting ready to buy cars – and lots of ’em. That sounds like a pleasure cruise of sales opportunities, right? But there’s a catch: they’re a demanding bunch with specific ideas about how the transaction should unfold.

Millennials Flex Their Purchase Power

With every promotion or newly minted job, Millennial spending power is growing. And while it’s true that the “digital native generation” is changing the experience of car shopping, what’s perhaps even more influential is their impact on the auto finance market.

Three Key Yahoo! Takeaways for Automotive Retail

The demise of Yahoo! is the end of an era, but it’s also another signal of how the online world is constantly maturing. Fact is, changes in consumer behavior are amplified in digital spaces and require greater reliance on trusted key technology solutions that connect experiences.