3 Ways Technology Helps with the Holiday Sales Rush

‘Tis the season of end-of-year car sales, and with all the hustle and bustle of clearing out inventory, it’s important to take advantage of technology to get you through this rewarding, yet stressful time of year. Here are 3 ways technology can help with the holiday sales rush.

Drive to Success: Technology to Drive Profits

Technology can improve customer service, marketing strategies, dealership operations, and drive up profits. In an increasingly digital world your dealership should get the most out of its technology and put it to proper use. After all, innovative technologies make auto dealers’ jobs easier.

Drive to Success: Women in Auto

In today’s world dealerships tend to be male dominated. However, there are considerable returns dealerships can receive by investing in a woman’s experience working in the auto industry. Women make up nearly 80% of car-buying decisions, and most women prefer to speak with a car saleswoman.

Using Technology to Increase Your Bottom Line

Technology is everywhere. You customers and employees have come to expect it, and your smartest competitors are using it to make money. By spending a little time and money upfront, technology can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and better your bottom line down the road. 

Dealerships Should Look For Technologies That Listen

Tired of distant, unproductive relationships, today’s dealerships are beginning to demand more personal support and more human interaction from their technology providers. Learn the benefits of demanding a technology that listens to you and your dealership needs. 

What Percent of Your Technology Gets Used?

When dealerships don’t use technology tools to their full potential, they fall short of what they could achieve. They can overcome that shortfall by engaging with their technology providers and participating in continuous learning activities.

Run Your Dealership, Not Your Technology

Technology has the potential to make dealership employees more efficient and more productive. But, research shows that outdated and inefficient technologies are having the opposite effect in many dealerships.