Drive to Success: Improving Social Media Presence

Today’s customers turn to social media to inform their car-buying process. They read reviews, browse vehicle selection, compare prices, and find out what others have to say about a particular dealership. A strong social media presence and strategy to engage with customers can increase a dealership’s sales and reputation in the community. Poor execution of social media can be detrimental to the brand so it’s important to have a social media plan, stick to it, and update it as you learn what resonates with your customers.

1 – How to Build a Killer Social Media Strategy

Dealer Marketing Magazine: For most people, the car-buying process begins online. In fact, 75% of car buyers say internet and social media research are the most useful sources of information when selecting a dealership. And, buyers rank dealerships’ social media profiles as being more influential than dealerships’ websites when deciding where to shop. Having a social media presence and a strategy that connects dealerships with customers through relatable content can improve sales and reputation.

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2 – Is E-Commerce Driving the Auto Industry?

CBT Automotive Network: E-commerce is changing the car sales industry, forcing more and more dealerships to adopt a digital sales strategy. And, as a companion to e-commerce, social media is changing the way dealerships connect with their customers. Having a website is no longer a sufficient strategy for attracting customers. Rather, having an active (not passive) presence on all major social networking platforms allows dealerships to engage with their audience and customize messages to specific customers.

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3 – Usher in a New Era of Vehicle Sales

Auto Dealer Today: Traditional sales models are quickly becoming ineffective in the auto industry. In fact, only 1% of car buyers now consider salespeople to be trustworthy. Because it’s so easy to research vehicles and compare pricing online, customers are no longer willing to put up with long waits in dealerships or pushy sales strategies. Through social media, dealerships can keep customers up-to-date with the latest deals, inventory, and information to keep people informed and thinking about their products year-round.

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4 – How to Avoid Common Social Media Mistakes

Dealer Marketing Magazine: Social media is one of the top places auto shoppers turn to for advice. And negative information about a dealership on social networks, or a poor social media strategy, can be detrimental. Dealerships should avoid sending spam tweets that overload followers with information. Too much promotion can turn customers away. Social media channels should be used to spread the news about the occasional deal, but also to inform and engage customers.

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5 – Social Media Can Help Dealers, Lenders Cultivate Millennials

Automotive News: Today’s consumers spend a lot of time on social media, and they use these platforms to share their shopping experiences with others. Millennials, in particular, are sponges of information. And dealerships can use social media to inform the next generation of car buyers by directing their research. Posting credible content about the car-buying and financing process on social media helps dealership build trust and engage with their customers, who, in turn, influence others.

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Check back next week for another Drive to Success: Dealerships Sales Strategies. You will learn more about increasing your dealership’s efficiency and improving your bottom line.

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